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Daheeyeon- Organic Green tea Powder

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  • South Korea South Korea
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>> Daheeyeon Organic Green tea Powder

“Daheeyeon isproduced in the fresh Jeju organic green tea plantation: “Cave of Dawon”.It is a premium green tea that has great taste and fragrance.
Because it aims to be the world’s purest green tea.
Also, it boasts its superior quality by supplying hexagonal water that is easily absorbed and is grown using naturally fermented fertilizer without using any agricultural chemicals.



  • Product : Daheeyeon May tea powder (organic)
    Standard: 80g
    Way of Packaging: Can packaging after pealuminum packaging
    Packaging Material: Aluminum pe, Aluminum can, paper box
    Authentication: Organic
    Authentication No:  No. 18-01-1-82
    Consumer Price: 35.000 Won
    Producer / Place of Origin:Kyeongdeok Corporation / Daheeyeon(Jeju, Seonheul-ri)
    Storage Method: Keep away from high temperature and humidity, store cool and dry 
    Quality Expiration Date: 24 months after date of production
    Raw Material: 100% Organic green tea leaf(Jeju, Seonheul-ri)
    Product Feature: Daheeyeon organic green tea bag has been authenticated as organic and is
                                 made out of green tea leaves that are picked during mid-May. If you mix the
                                 powder with Yoplait or use food additive, you can enjoy smooth taste and 
                                 fragrance of green tea even better.

  • Selling Point
    Soft taste, Reliability, Added materials and additives such as yogurt and yolplait.


  • Recommended Users
     Adults and test takers that needs stable mind and clear head, adults and parents who needs to expedite blood circulation.